Why should you Practice Riddles with your Kids?

Riddles are a traditional way of passing some free time. They can be very helpful to sharpen the thinking of a mind. But the modern generation is not into riddles anymore. They are used to spend their time on social networking and internet. But researchers have said that depending too much on social networking actually makes people unable to maintain social relations. Riddles can be a good way to solve this problem. Once the kids get into riddles, they will understand the fund and benefit and they will love this. Riddlesly has a huge collection of riddles to practice. You can give a visit to them if you need to find some riddles. Riddles are better for the children in more ways than you usually notice. The benefits of riddles for kids are:

Fun: Riddles are lots of fun. There are funny riddles for the kids. When a kid will be able to crack a funny riddle it will make him/her happy. Also cracking any riddle will give the person enough happiness and satisfaction for some time. This is very easy to have lots of fun. Once the kids are interested in solving riddles they will not get interested in social media sites anymore.

Thinking: Riddles are a good way to boost the ability of thinking. When kids spend their time mostly on doing something unproductive they gradually lose the ability to think properly. But riddles stimulate the brain parts to work on those and soon the kids are able to think properly. A riddle needs to be solved from different angles. To a kid needs to think of a different angle to solve a riddle. All of these boost the thinking ability of a kid.

Improve Reading: Riddle solving needs some skills. The most fundamental skill is to understand the riddle first. To do so the kid needs to read or listen to it very carefully. This helps the ability to read and listen. This is often an unnoticed benefit. But it is very helpful for the people.

Vocabulary Build-up: Building up vocabulary is another benefit of solving riddles. A kid knows about the basic things. But when solving riddles the kids come to know about other things that are not easily available. So their vocabulary gets sharpened.

Build-up relationships: Riddles help to build up relationships in real life. If a kid learns a riddle the kid tends to show that to others. Thus they make a conversation and develops a relationship. This is often unnoticed but intelligent kids are praised in their friend circle. So kids like to show off this kind of ability.

Stronger Bond: Riddles help the kids make friends. It also helps the parents to develop a good relationship with the kids. If the parents practice riddles with the kids on a regular basis then the bond will surely be stronger. Also, riddles are some information that is fun and enjoyable. This helps the parents not to be boring all the time.

These are the benefits of practicing riddles with the kids.